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Special Order

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Prearranged Order$1.00
This page allows you to pay for a special order.  Use this order page if you have contacted us about a special order for a magazine that is not available on the website.  

We will have quoted you a dollar amount such as $6.00 or $15.00 or $59.00

Please enter that quantity into the QTY field.

Example:  if we have quoted you $8.00 for a magazine and shipping first class, you would add 8 special orders to your cart.

Example:  if we have quoted you $63.00 to ship an oversized magazine internationally, you would add QTY 63 special orders to your cart.

Just point your mouse to the QTY box, type in the number, add to cart, and then click on the "CHECKOUT BOX" and checkout normally.

We recommend sending an email to our shipping department with a message telling them who you are, what magazine you are ordering, and who set up the special order for you.