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For shipping to inmates and the incarcerated in jails or prisons, we recommend our sister site: www.inmatemags.com

Mymagstore no longer ships to prisons or other lock up facilities.  We recommend our sister site - inmatemags.com

Inmate shipping has very different information needs to help you select the best options for your friend or family member.  There are nearly 4,000 facilities around the country, and each mail room has its own set of rules, and some rules are different depending on what day of the week it is. 

Inmatemags has a "RETURN LOG" - this page lists magazines that have recently been rejected and sent back by prisons.  Or check out inmatemag's guide to WHAT To SEND

Remember, we recommend that you also check with your facility - rules are constantly changing. 

We have had a busy year keeping up with Florida - starting Spring of 2013, Florida no longer will accept USPS priority mail packaging - all shipments to Florida prisons go by first class or slower mail rates.  Federal prisons in Florida still accept USPS priority mail packaging.

To send current single copy magazines or subscriptions to an inmate, please visit inmatemags.com

To send current single copy print magazines, bulk orders or subscriptions to a home, a business, or to send single copy print magazines to an international address, please return to the mymagstore homepage, use the title search at the top of the page, or browse our departments.

...... How To: Shipping to Prisons / Jails